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ContentRating error - Unable to retrieve configuration settings

Aug 6, 2008 at 6:56 AM

I successfully installed the Content Ratings feature on a Sharepoint site (Windows Server 2008) and it was (mostly) working well.  I had several discussion boards with rated items.  I then had to create a site on a different server (Windows Vista), and move all the content from the old server to the new.

On the new server, I created the new site collection. I created a new RatingsStore SQL Server database as per install instructions, and then I restored that database with a backup from the old RatingStore database.

I installed the ContentRatings feature to the new site and the post install checks looked fine.

I then exported the old site, and imported into the new site (with stsadm export and import) and can't get the ContentRatings feature to work. When I open a discussion board that has previously rated items I get an error "Unable to retrieve configuration settings". The log file shows the following:

Source: SPP Ratings.  Error.  Unable to retrieve configuration settings. Error msg: An item with the same key has already been added.  Stack trace:    at System.ThrowHelper.ThrowArgumentException(ExceptionResource resource)     at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.Insert(TKey key, TValue value, Boolean add)     at System.Collections.Generic.Dictionary`2.Add(TKey key, TValue value)     at Microsoft.MSIT.Ratings.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.GetConfigurationBeginWith(SPSite site, String listName, String configurationName, String value, Boolean beginWith)     at Microsoft.MSIT.Ratings.Configuration.ConfigurationManager.GetConfiguration(SPSite site, String listName, String configurationName, Boolean beginWith)     at Microsoft.MSIT.Ratings.Web.WebService.EntityConfigs.GetConfigData(String configurationName)     at Microsoft.MSIT.Ratings.Web.WebService.EntityConfigs.GetConfigurationXml(String configurationName, String webId)     at Microsoft.MSIT.Ratings.Web.WebService.EntityConfigs.GetConfigXml(String configurationId, Boolean isListId)     at Microsoft.MSIT.Ratings.Web.WebService.EntityConfigs.ProcessGetRequest()  

I have tried rebuilding and reinstalling again with no change. 

(Incidentally, there was one error when the install.cmd was activating the RatingsAdministration feature "Failed to instantiate file: RatingsReport.css from module "StyleSheets": The specified list does not exist."

I removed "Type=GhostableInLibrary" from RatingModification.xml, and then manually activated the RatingsAdministration feature.